Vulnerabilities Threat Management (VTM) is crucial to building a stronger cybersecurity posture. Pressure on healthcare organizations has increased to add more technology for patient care while protecting their systems. Unfortunately, more technology, whether software or devices, elevates the risk from threat actors.

Traditionally VTM focused primarily on IT system vulnerabilities, missing updates, and system detections. As threats continue to evolve, so should VTM programs. Enhanced VTM programs include additional cyber objectives such as using Dark Web for data leaks and C-Suite phishing programs. Additionally, many healthcare teams are adding IoMT and Connected Medical Devices (CMED) to their updated VTM programs. All the increased activities, findings, and remediation can be a lot to take on.

Watch to learn how Fortified has expanded its VTM programs to stay ahead of the growing threats facing healthcare. Whether you’re looking to add VTM services or understand more about the components of an enhanced VTM program, this webinar is for you.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Threat landscape updates
  • Why should VTM programs evolve
  • Elements of Fortified’s three VTM offerings
    • VTM
    • VTM+
    • VTM Enterprise


About the presenter

Tim (T.J.) Ramsey
Senior Director, Threat Assessment Operations
Fortified Health Security

T.J. Ramsey is a seasoned IT security professional with 18 years of experience focused on healthcare and defense intelligence. He served as a U.S. Army Military Intelligence Analyst for the Department of Defense, and held security roles at Obsidian Solutions Group and SAIC/Leidos. T.J. has shared his cybersecurity expertise in publications like TechTarget and Chief Healthcare Executive and presented at industry events, including Health Connect Partners (HCP), CHIME, and THIMA.