Dark Web Monitoring

Illuminating hidden threats to your healthcare organization on the dark web.

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Proactive protection for healthcare data security

The Dark Web’s anonymity and encryption enable cybercriminals to trade stolen healthcare data, launch attacks, and exploit vulnerabilities. ​

Fortified’s Dark Web Monitoring facilitates insight into your sensitive data exposure on the dark web. ​Our expert team actively investigates your specified domains for potential threats, collaborating closely with your healthcare IT team to develop effective strategies for minimizing risk.

Our approach to Dark Web Monitoring:

  • Derived from Military Intelligence practices
  • Tailors queries to clients’ concerns and critical intelligence requirements
  • Regularly refines monitoring criteria to align with evolving intelligence needs
  • Ensures prompt alert of attack susceptibility
  • Helps protect your organization against reputational damage
  • Supports and enhances other Fortified services

Dark Web Monitoring built for healthcare, tailored to you.

When it comes to Dark Web Monitoring in healthcare, copy+paste solutions aren’t going to keep you and your patients protected. Start a conversation with us about what you’re trying to accomplish and the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help.