Managed Cybersecurity Services for Healthcare

Our service delivery model is expertly designed to navigate the ever-changing threat landscape. Clients choose us for our specialized healthcare focus and unparalleled range of Advisory and Threat Defense services. They stay for our partnership approach, tailored to their unique healthcare challenges.

A Collaborative Approach to Advisory Services


  • Gain deeper insight into your Risk Assessments, Risk Register, Corrective Action Plans, and Threat Defense with healthcare’s only cybersecurity services delivery platform
  • Transform your understanding of risk profiles to elevate your proactive and reactive cybersecurity program management
  • Go beyond risk assessments and strategic planning with a team dedicated to doing the heavy lifting required to progress your cybersecurity journey
  • Reduce risk and strengthen your security posture with award-winning services that build on prior security investments, processes, and operations, and calibrate to your specific needs and expectations
  • Benefit from periodic audits and evaluations to confirm that your cybersecurity strategy meets regulatory requirements and best practices for a robust cyber defense
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Managed Threat Defense that Tells a Story

Detecting and remediating threats is just the beginning. To effectively safeguard patients, data, and IT infrastructure, you need rapid, actionable insights.

Fortified’s 24/7 Threat Defense center and dedicated security analysts provide vigilance and context-rich escalations consistently rated at 95% valuable.

  • Manage your Threat Defense Services in Fortified Central Command on desktop or mobile. Use a platform that provides a unified view of your vulnerabilities, escalations across services, and prioritizes risks.
  • Chat with your security analyst 24/7, and configure alert and escalation communications to your preferences
  • Fortified Threat Defense Services saves our client ecosystem 2.5 million person-hours each year. Our continuous tuning and real-time feedback approach to 24/7 managed services help your teams combat alert fatigue and free up valuable personnel to address other critical work.
  • Redefining threat defense, our approach extends beyond standard SOC services, integrating managed XDR, vulnerability management, emergency response, and managed phishing to protect your healthcare environment against cyber threats
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“There are many cybersecurity providers that understand the technical aspects of what needs to be done and why. But if they haven’t applied that knowledge within a healthcare organization, they just don’t get it. And that makes it difficult to make real progress. With Fortified, I don’t have to sit there and explain repeatedly why I can’t do something or why we can’t patch a certain vulnerability related to a medical device. They already know the answer. In fact, many times they guide me on what we should do so that we don’t inadvertently break something critical to serving patients. Having a partner with that experience and expertise is priceless.”

– Health System ISO

"Having a partner with that experience and expertise is priceless.”

We meet you where you are.

Let’s discuss your journey.

With our nationwide presence and end-to-end portfolio of healthcare cybersecurity solutions, we meet you where you are in your cybersecurity journey, and take you where you want to go.