Finding IT professionals to fill open positions is reaching critical levels for many organizations. In healthcare, those vacancies can be magnified by new requirements from cyber insurance providers and regulatory bodies.

Salary requirements have risen considerably over the past few years, and while remote work options have helped, it has also made it more difficult and costly for organizations in remote areas that can’t compete with the larger organizations.

As the cybersecurity talent shortage continues, higher salaries for less experienced professionals should be expected. Over time this creates issues with mentorship and, more importantly, having the experience to maintain command and control during an incident.

Being shorthanded or inexperienced is not ideal in any situation, especially during an incident.

Healthcare organizations are faced with the tough decision of whether to keep it all in-house or outsource, but even for those using staffing agencies, open seat time is still often measured in weeks and months, not days.

A smart solution that many healthcare organizations are employing is to partner with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) who specializes in healthcare cybersecurity. Leveraging their on-demand expertise is one way to tackle their staff shortages efficiently and cost-effectively. 

There are a few factors to consider when evaluating the total level of effort and cost in finding the healthcare cybersecurity expertise you need to ensure a robust cybersecurity program. Healthcare cybersecurity MSSPs can: 

  1. Compete with larger organizations in terms of finding the right people
  2. Be a draw for more senior professionals because they often have advancement or research opportunities that aren’t there in a hospital setting
  3. The consulting aspect of the work can provide an ever-changing workload that appeals to many experienced professionals

When considering the advanced technology and processes in place that the expertise on demand approach can offer, it’s a worthwhile solution for healthcare organizations to consider. 

Learn how expertise on demand helped a leading healthcare organization scale their cybersecurity program and address costly issues faced by staffing shortages and skill set limitations.