Healthcare Technology, Medical Devices & Biotech

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Between interoperability complexities, managing third-party risks, navigating the labyrinth of regulatory compliance, and ensuring data integrity, healthcare technology organizations face nuanced cybersecurity challenges.

At Fortified, we have the experience working with healthcare technology, medical device, and biotech companies to mature their cybersecurity posture and strengthen their cyber resilience.

Healthcare Technology, Medical Device, and Biotech Organizations Trust Fortified

Interoperability Evaluations

Fortified conducts thorough security assessments to identify vulnerabilities in interconnected healthcare systems and technologies. By addressing interoperability challenges, Fortified helps healthcare technology and biotech organizations create secure interfaces and data exchange mechanisms between different platforms, ensuring a cohesive and secure healthcare ecosystem.

HITRUST Assessment

Hospitals and health systems often assess healthcare technology partners based on HITRUST CSF certification, a mark of excellence in data protection, compliance, and risk management. Fortified's HITRUST Service evaluates your readiness for certification, identifies gaps, suggests corrective actions to prepare you for certification.

Regulatory Guidance

Fortified provides guidance on navigating the complex landscape of healthcare regulations, including HIPAA and other industry-specific compliance standards. This ensures that healthcare technology and medical device providers like you remain compliant with regulatory requirements, reducing the risk of legal consequences and reputational damage.

Third-Party Risk Management

Fortified assists healthcare technology providers in evaluating and managing the cybersecurity risks associated with third-party vendors and partners. This includes conducting thorough assessments of vendor security practices and ensuring that all components integrated into the technology stack meet rigorous cybersecurity standards.

Vulnerability Identification & Management

To protect data, ensure operational efficiency, and build customer trust, identifying threats and managing vulnerabilities is vital. Fortified offers a comprehensive approach to help you understand the vulnerability footprint of your organization so you can effectively identify risk and reduce your attack surface.

Application Penetration Testing

Threat actors are employing increasingly complex methods to attack healthcare organizations, including through the technology that supports their service delivery. Fortified can perform advanced penetration testing (ethical hacking) in your complex environment, and provide continuous support and actionable advice to strengthen your security.