Managed Phishing Service

Fortifying healthcare organizations against phishing attacks.

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Strengthening your human firewall

Among the myriad cyber threats facing healthcare, phishing remains a top attack vector.

Fortified’s Managed Phishing Service is more than just a line of defense; it’s an empowerment tool for your organization, turning personnel into an active part of your cybersecurity strategy while fostering a more cyber-aware culture.

Led by Fortified’s expert penetration testing team, our Managed Phishing service is designed to protect your healthcare organization against the ever-evolving threat of phishing attacks, ensuring your staff and patient data remain secure.

Extensive analysis & creation of real-world phishing techniques

Our approach goes beyond standard phishing templates. By crafting tailored, realistic scenarios through in-depth analysis, we ensure your team is well-prepared to identify and respond to actual phishing threats effectively.

Scheduled campaigns tailored to your needs

We customize phishing campaigns to fit your unique healthcare organization, scheduling them strategically to maximize engagement and learning, without interrupting your essential operations.

Creation and delivery of client-driven analytics

Post-campaign, we provide you with detailed analytics, offering a clear view of your team’s interaction with our simulations, pinpointing strengths and training opportunities.

Expert advice on the creation and maintenance of a phishing program

Beyond campaigns, we provide expert guidance for implementing a dynamic phishing awareness program, offering best practices, policy advice, and ongoing support to keep your defense strategy ahead of evolving threats.

Managed Phishing Services built for healthcare, tailored to you.

When it comes to Managed Phishing Services in healthcare, copy+paste solutions aren’t going to keep you and your patients protected. Start a conversation with us about what you’re trying to accomplish and the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll tell you exactly how we can help.