PAUSE TO CONSIDER: Vulnerability Threat Management

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Vulnerability threat management [VTM] is a key fundamental for compliance with HIPAA.  Every healthcare organization should utilize VTM for foundational security management. To set your initiative up for success, pause to consider these essential factors:

Are you performing authenticated or non-authenticated scans?

Authenticated scans use authenticated user credentials to grant local access to the target system. This enables the scanner to determine the true patch level since the scanner is authenticated as a user and can perform any action the user has access to.  With non-authenticated scans, credentials are not used which limits the number of vulnerabilities the scanner can test for on the target system.

Is your vulnerability scanning consistent?

Consistent vulnerability scanning is vital to a successful patch management program. Below are several reasons to scan often and consistently, utilizing the same policy:

  1. It provides reliable, up-to-date visibility on the vulnerabilities in your environment
  2. Inconsistent scanning makes it increasingly difficult to chart progress over time, identify aging vulnerabilities, and accurately assess the risk software vulnerabilities pose to your organization
  3. Often, those responsible for the security of an organization and those responsible for making sure patches are deployed are two separate teams; consistent vulnerability scanning empowers both of these groups to be successful in their respective roles

Does your team have the tools needed to remediate identified vulnerabilities?

A common security pitfall is not promptly deploying security patches. This is especially important when a zero-day vulnerability is released because you will need to accelerate the identification of all affected systems. Once impacted systems are pinpointed, security updates need to be applied broadly, using specialized tools to install updates quickly and efficiently.

As a leader in healthcare cybersecurity, Fortified Health Security can develop a dynamic, customized solution that helps you maintain the very highest HIPAA compliance standards. Contact us today to hear more.

Fortified Health Security is committed to strengthening the security posture of healthcare organizations.  In the spirit of Cybersecurity Awareness month, we will be posting daily information for you to consider when maintaining your organization’s cybersecurity program.