A proactive and actively managed SOC is the gold standard. So, how can you get there?

One step at a time.

Jake Bice, Senior Director of Cybersecurity Services at Fortified brings his extensive experience supporting healthcare environments to walk you through the 3 stages of SOC maturity and how to position your organization to advance through them.

Walk away with:

  • A structure for objectively evaluating your current SOC
  • A framework for applying appropriate risk management strategies to your organization
  • Tips and tricks for effectively managing your team and tools according to the stage your SOC is in


About the presenter

Jake Bice
Director, Threat Defense Services
Fortified Health Security

Jake is responsible for the strategic oversight of the Security Operations Center at Fortified Health Security, assessing and resolving client needs, training teams, and refining the processes that underpin service delivery to clients. Jake’s extensive career in Infosec has been dedicated entirely to supporting healthcare environments, and his wealth of experience provides invaluable insights and context from both operational and technological perspectives.