As cyber threats against healthcare become increasingly aggressive and complex, collaboration between Compliance teams and Security Operations Centers (SOCs) grow even more urgent. This synergy is crucial not only for strengthening cybersecurity defenses, but also for ensuring that new cybersecurity regulations and performance goals are met.

Preston Duren from Fortified Health Security joins H-ISAC for a fireside chat to discuss:

  • Why healthcare SOC and Compliance teams are often misaligned
  • How siloed communications impact healthcare cybersecurity
  • What healthy collaboration looks like between SOC and Compliance teams

About the presenter

Preston Duren
VP, Threat Defense Services
Fortified Health Security

As Vice President of Cybersecurity Operations at Fortified, Preston contributes his 14 years of healthcare and IT security expertise to help shape and guide the organization’s strategic and operational initiatives.  

His previous roles include Information Security Officer and vCISO at Community Health System and Regional Care/RCCH. With certifications in CISSP, GIAC, and ACMA, Preston’s specializations span threat and vulnerability management, security information event management (SIEM), advisory programs, risk assessments, digital forensics, and security operations center (SOC) design and management.  

Preston contributes his extensive knowledge and leadership experience to help Fortified’s clients strengthen their cybersecurity posture and protect their patients’ data.