Tabletop exercises (TTX) can be a powerful tool for learning and development. But the difference between a good and a great TTX lies in the preparation. In this on-demand webinar, we explore the art and science behind designing, planning, and executing tabletop exercises that maximize their effectiveness and impact.  


  • Crucial information and documents to gather ahead of a TTX  
  • How to shakeup your TTX to encourage adaptive problem-solving skills 
  • The primary question participants should contemplate during the TTX

About the presenter:

T.J. Ramsey Fortified Health Security

Tim (T.J.) Ramsey
Senior Director, Threat Operations
Fortified Health Security

T.J. Ramsey is a seasoned IT security professional with 18 years of experience focused on healthcare and defense intelligence. He served as a U.S. Army Military Intelligence Analyst for the Department of Defense, and held security roles at Obsidian Solutions Group and SAIC/Leidos. T.J. has shared his cybersecurity expertise in publications like TechTarget and Chief Healthcare Executive and presented at industry events, including Health Connect Partners (HCP), CHIME, and THIMA.