The healthcare cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically over the past two years. Executive and IT teams now face new hurdles entering 2023. Regulatory and cyber insurance requirements are advancing the need for a higher level of cybersecurity planning, execution, and reporting. In response, many organizations are undergoing a “healthcare cybersecurity transformation” seeking to bring transparency, interoperability, and a more robust security posture to bear.

Join Fortified’s Russell Teague, VP Advisory Services, at IPMI’s Healthcare IT Institute on Sunday, June 11th from 2:30 pm – 3:15pm PDT for Fortified’s Think Tank Session: Healthcare Cybersecurity Transformation – Past, Current, and Future.

This Think Tank session will:

  • Spotlight the cybersecurity journey of a real healthcare organization
  • Examine some tools and services used across multiple programs and at various stages of project delivery, including vulnerability threat management, dark web services, incident response, threat intelligence, and assessment programs
  • Explore some “easy” wins other healthcare organizations can quickly take advantage of and the more difficult organization-wide decisions we’ve encountered along the way.