Healthcare organizations are facing increased cyberattacks, cyber insurance changes, and regulatory obligations that have stressed and strained their IT teams. Despite the desire to implement more robust cybersecurity, budgets are in decline or restricted.

However, many healthcare organizations are unaware of, or unable to access, several cybersecurity funding opportunities, including from government agencies. These new funding programs and emerging strategies for securing funding can be game changers for many organizations.

Join Fortified’s Kate Pierce, Sr. VISO and Executive Director of Subsidy Program and Russell Teague, VP, Advisory Services & Threat Operations at IPMI’s Healthcare IT Institute on Monday, June 12th from 2:00-2:30pm PDT for an educational session, “New and Emerging Cybersecurity Funding Opportunities in Healthcare.”

This educational session will explore:

  • New funding programs and how these funds can be used to better shore up healthcare cybersecurity
  • Ways healthcare organizations can use funding programs to improve their cybersecurity posture
  • Steps to get started