HIPAA Risk Assessments

HIPAA Risk Assessments serve as a rigorous evaluation of organization’s compliance with the specific policies, procedures and other requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. The program explores the likelihood of a breach and the magnitude of its potential impact by assessing the physical, administrative and technical information security controls and safeguards outlined by the rule. Following the assessment, Fortified security and compliance experts provide a prioritized report of findings, which identifies threats, vulnerabilities and risks that are mapped to controls, with recommendations for remediation. Fortified experts also conduct monthly corrective action calls to provide consultative guidance and risk mitigation strategies while documenting ongoing progress. The HIPAA Risk Assessment, coupled with vulnerability threat, brings a comprehensive view of organizational risk from a strategic, operational and tactical perspective. This multi-layered approach gives organizations a higher level of insight into their exploitable vulnerabilities which — if not properly addressed — could negatively impact operations and finances. Interested in other Advisory Services? Fortified Health Security offers the following: