Fortified Health Security: 2024 Horizon Report Reveals Startling Cybersecurity Trends, Industry Outlook for Healthcare Organizations

Latest edition of the free, biannual report covers emerging cybersecurity threats, critical legislative developments, and emerging AI best practices for healthcare organizations

FRANKLIN, Tenn. – January 17, 2024 – Fortified Health Security (Fortified), a two-time Best in KLAS managed security services provider (MSSP) specializing in healthcare cybersecurity, has released their 2024 Horizon Report. The report comes at a pivotal time when healthcare organizations urgently need increased support and resources to safeguard patient data and strengthen their cybersecurity posture to meet increased regulatory requirements and growing cyber attacks on healthcare.

In the latest edition, Fortified and its contributors:

  • Explain significant legislative developments in healthcare cybersecurity, including the Biden Administration’s National Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Cover the impact of AI and machine learning on healthcare organizations
  • Analyze healthcare cybersecurity trends based on OCR data
  • Share best practices for safeguarding against cyber incidents

Published biannually as a resource for healthcare organizations since 2017, this year’s edition of the Horizon Report includes critical findings:

Compromised Patient Records Are Increasing Sharply
In 2023, number of breaches exposing more than two million patient records skyrocketed.

Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) Is Critical For Healthcare Organizations
The number of Business Associates (BAs) reporting a healthcare data breach has more than doubled in recent years, underscoring the criticality of having a strong TPRM program.

Connected Technologies Are Primary Target for Cyber Criminals
Last year, connected technologies were the primary locations where patient records were compromised.

“In recent years, U.S. Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) sector has seen significant disruptions to patient care and healthcare operations as a result of cybercrime. In fact, the National Security Council (NSC) considers the HPH sector to be one of the top three (3) sectors prioritized for additional cybersecurity attention,” said Dan Dodson, Chief Executive Officer at Fortified. “Simultaneously, we are witnessing critical initiatives in the federal, state, and private sectors to establish, agree on, and comply with Cybersecurity Performance Goals. This past year, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency released the Cross Sector Cybersecurity Performance Goals, and notably, New York became the first state to announce their plan to implement cybersecurity requirements for all hospitals within the state. This progress is likely to be adopted by other states, as well, significantly altering the healthcare cybersecurity landscape in 2024 and beyond.

The 2024 Horizon Report examines these joint efforts between public and private entities in working together to make healthcare more resilient.”

The full report is available for download here.

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