Fortified touted as “pioneering” in Frost & Sullivan Industry Study

Fortified Health Security is one of the few companies profiled for its leadership in a new study by research firm Frost & Sullivan entitled “Securing the Connected Ecosystem: Leading Security Solutions and Approaches for IoT”.  The study can be purchased here.

Fortified was chosen due to our leadership in Connected Medical Device and IoT Security and our robust solution that greatly enhances security to ever-expanding healthcare IT networks. As Frost & Sullivan mentioned, “The future of Internet of Things (IoT) involves billions of connected devices (such as smartphones, computers, and sensors) communicating with one another, regardless of manufacturer, operating system, chipset, or physical transport. However, security is essential for reliable IoT operations. Whether malicious or accidental, malfunctioning IoT devices such as a connected car or components of a smart grid can pose a significant risk to consumers, businesses, and societies.”