Cover of 2023 State of Cybersecurity Report, the Horizon Report by Fortified Health Security

Change is constant, especially in cybersecurity. That’s why we write the Horizon Report.

In the latest State of Cybersecurity in Healthcare Report

The 2023 Horizon Report is now available! Read all about the 2022 year in review, with data from the OCR on the total number of records breached, how the breaches happened, and more. Deep dive into topics like multi-factor authentication (MFA), phishing, and third-party risk management and learn tips and best practices for protecting your organization and patient data.

Are you looking for subsidies or grants to help fund your cybersecurity program? Our report covers the latest news from Washington on the availability of new resources and provides you with links and information to see if your organization qualifies. And lastly, we make some predictions about what to expect in cybersecurity for healthcare in 2023..

About the Horizon Reports

The Fortified Healthcare Security Horizon Report is the healthcare industry’s leading publication on cybersecurity trends and best practices. Published semi-annually since 2017, it offers industry statistics on breaches and Office for Civil Rights (OCR) activity, provides in-depth insights into market dynamics, discusses new and emerging threats, and provides overall guidance on navigating the complex world of cybersecurity for healthcare organizations everywhere.

This complimentary report is available to anyone who wants to be more proactive with their cybersecurity. Read more about these and other topics in our latest report.

Since 2017, Fortified Health Security has written this comprehensive, thoughtful guide and offered it completely free for our industry. The semi-annual report starts with key statistics about breaches and OCR activity. It then goes in-depth about market dynamics such as incident response plans, tools rationalization, and security beyond the walls of the hospital. Finally, Fortified executives look at the predictions we made the year before (with a discussion of how we did) and make predictions for the coming year.

It’s easy to read and has useful information you can act on. And did we mention it’s free?

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